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One Year Anniversary
Ventura Community Bank (a division of Ojai Community Bank)

Ventura Community Bank: We're Open

OCB Voted Best Bank of Ojai 2011
OCB Wins Chamber Community Service
Spirit Award

OCB Voted Best Bank of Ojai 2011
Ojai Community Bank
Voted Best Bank in Ojai: 2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013.
Thank you Ojai!


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Directors | Officers | News | Investor Relations | Financial Reports

Thank you for your interest. OCB Bancorp is a public corporation with shareholders of all sizes. We created Ojai Community Bank, our subsidiary bank, to focus efforts on providing service and reinvestment into the Ojai market and reaching out to Ventura County. We are your same local Bank, with local Directors, Officers and staff, all here to stay in touch with what is important: you, our customers.

In September 2013, the Board of Directors finalized the formation of
OCB Bancorp and completed the merger of Ojai Community Bank in to
OCB Bancorp. This transaction allowed the shareholders of the bank to transfer their ownership to the Bancorp without dilution, ownership change
or tax consequence.

The Bank believes that a bank holding company structure permits
greater flexibility in responding to evolving changes in the banking and financial services industries, including providing capital to the Bank, either through stock offerings, preferred securities issuances, debt offerings, or borrowing at terms and conditions otherwise unavailable to the Bank as a stand- alone entity.

OCB Bancorp trades under the symbol OJCB. For further information please contact Dave Brubaker, President/CEO at 805-633-2444 or at dbrubaker@ojaicommunitybank.com.

To learn more about becoming a shareholder in your local community bank, contact the investment representatives below to find out more and inquire about stock availability. As an investor, you can be proud to own a piece of your local community bank and help us make a difference.

Information on how to sell or purchase OCB Bancorp stock may be obtained through the following Market Makers:

Crowell, Weedon & Co.
Suzette Lawrence
(213) 620-1850
(800) 227-0319
Troy K. Norlander
Senior Vice President
Michael R. Natzic
Senior Vice President
(909) 584-4500
(800) 288-2811

McAdams Wright Ragen, Inc.
Joey Warmenhoven
Senior Vice President
(503) 922-4888
(866) 662-0351

Raymond James & Associates
David Perry
(415) 616-8937
(888) 317-8986

OCB Bancorp stock is publicly traded. The stock is listed on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board and our ticker symbol is OJCB. To track your OCB Bancorp, stock please click on STOCK INFORMATION.

Stock Transfer Agent
Shareholders with inquiries about their stock, lost stock certificates, or changes of address, may contact Computershare by calling (800) 962-4284 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Written correspondence may be sent to:

Shareholder Correspondence Address for Standard US Postal Mail
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
P.O. Box 43073
Providence, RI 02940-3070

Shareholder Correspondence Address for Overnight/Express Mail
Computershare Trust Company, N.A.
250 Royal Street
Canton, MA 02021

Shareholder Correspondence Via Fax
Fax number: (312) 601-3212

Shareholder Correspondence Via Phone
Toll Free wthin the US: (800) 962-4284
Outside the US: (781) 575-3120

Policy Concerning Luxury Expenditures
As of January 21, 2010, Ojai Community Bank (the “Company”) hereby enacts this Policy Concerning Luxury Expenditures (the “Luxury Expenditure Policy’”) for the purpose of compliance with Section 111(d) of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (“EESA”).

A. The Company closed a transaction with the United States Department of Treasury (the “Treasury”) and as a result, became a participant in the Capital Purchase Program (“CPP”), as authorized under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“TARP”).

B. As a result of the Company’s participation in the CPP, the Company is subject to executive compensation and other restrictions as set forth in the CPP, as modified by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”) and the Interim Final Rule on TARP Standards for Compensation and Corporate Governance published in the Federal Register on June 15, 2009 (the “Interim Final Rule”).

C. The foregoing restrictions require that the board of directors of each CPP recipient put in place a company-wide policy regarding excessive or luxury expenditures, as identified by the Secretary of the Department of the U.S. Treasury.

D. The purpose of this Luxury Expenditure Policy is to ensure appropriate review and approval of potentially excessive and luxury expenditures so that the Company complies with the foregoing restrictions required of the Company due to its participation in the CPP.

1. Policy Objective. The objective of this Luxury Expenditure Policy is to fulfill the Company’s requirement that it have in place a company-wide policy regarding excessive or luxury expenditures as a part of the Company’s participation in the CPP.

2. Term of Luxury Expenditure Policy. This Luxury Expenditure Policy shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Directors.

3. General Prohibition on Excessive or Luxury Expenditures. The Company prohibits excessive or luxury expenditures on entertainment or events, office or facility renovations, aviation or other transportation services or other activities or events that are not reasonable expenditures for conferences, staff development, reasonable performance incentives, customer development or other similar measure conducted in the normal course of business operations during the Policy Period.

4. Renovations. Renovations of facilities and office spaces should be relative to the approved project and current profit plan of the Company. An exception to this can be allowed if management must deal with an emergency situation, such as an act of nature, and the expenditure is necessary to make the facility operational for customer use. At no time should renovations be done that would have the appearance of being extraordinary, or excessive from a shareholder perspective. Reasonable renovations from customer service areas shall be specifically excluded from this restriction.

5. Entertainment. Entertainment is defined as an activity which an employee or executive would use corporate funds for business development purpose relating to a current customer or prospective customer, or to further enhance the Company’s marketing efforts. Our policy is that all expenses incurred to the Company be for Company purposes, and used to drive the business of the Company. Occasional events such as taking customers or prospective customers playing golf, attending sporting events, concerts, theater, eating dinner or taking them to other events the customer/prospective customer would find pleasurable are a necessary part of the Company’s marketing efforts and are not deemed “luxury expenses” or a violation of this Luxury Expenditure Policy. Similarly, events and parties focused on customers for the purpose of attracting their business do not fall within the scope of this Luxury Expenditure Policy. These expenses should continue to be documented and detailed as to the benefit derived by the Company and/or the Company’s subsidiary(ies), through the normal accounts payable process. Entertainment and event expenditures anticipated to be in excess of $500 must be reviewed with and approved by a member of executive management prior to expenditure.

6. Conferences. We encourage our staff to attend conferences that are appropriate educational opportunities. These conferences must be related to the financial services industry and have a direct correlation to their job. Typically, these conferences are sponsored by vendors, banking associations or other industry related entities.

7. Employee Recognition/Holiday Parties. We feel that employee recognition/holiday parties are part of an employee appreciation process. The venue and expense associated with these events shall balance the interests of employee appreciation and the Company’s goal in keeping expenses at a reasonable amount.

8. Board/Management Retreats. Retreats shall only by used for educational or business planning purposes, and should be kept in consideration and looked at, in the same view and discretion as all other expenses. Board education is a vital part of maintaining, and keeping a dynamic director base, and this Luxury Expenditure Policy should not limit a retreat that is focused on strategic planning or education.

9. Transportation Services. Transportation for Company staff to outlying locations, including Company locations, conferences, business development purposes and merger acquisition research, should be conducted in the most cost appropriate way for the Company. Modes of transportation to be used may consist of vehicle, commercial air or rail service. The selection of transportation services will factor in cost, efficiency and timeliness of travel. Private air services are not permitted.

10. Administration of the Luxury Expenditure Policy. The Company’s chief financial officer is responsible for the day-to-day administration of this Luxury Expenditure Policy, and the chief executive officer is accountable for the overall adherence to this Luxury Expenditure Policy and must approve of any exceptions. Strict adherences of this policy is mandated for all of the Company’s employees.

11. Expenses Requiring Prior Approval. During the Policy Period, the following expenses will be deemed as “Luxury Expenditures” and will require the express approval and certification from the Company’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer:

a. Any expenditure that, prior to the implementation of the Luxury Expenditure Policy, required the prior approval of one of the Company’s “Senior Executive Officers,” said officers being identified each year for the purpose of compliance with the CPP, other similar executive officers of the Company, or the Company’s board of directors; and

b. Those expenditures that are classified by the Company’s board of directors, chief executive officer and/or chief financial officer as an expenditure requiring prior approval.

12. Approval Procedure.

a. In the event that an Employee of the Company seeks to obtain approval for an expenditure requiring such approval pursuant to the terms hereof, said employee must submit a request for the approval, in writing, to the Company’s chief financial officer, and include in such request, the employee’s explanation as to why the expenditure is necessary (the “Luxury Expenditure Request”).

b. Following the submittal of the Luxury Expenditure Request, the Company’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer shall review the Luxury Expenditure Request and if the Luxury Expenditure Request is deemed to be necessary and in the best interests of the Company, the Luxury Expenditure Request will be approved by way of written certification from the Company’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer (the “Approval Certification”).

c. The Approval Certification shall be filed with the Company’s records.

13. Internal Reporting of Violations. Each employee of the Company shall be obligated to promptly report known violations of this Luxury Expenditure Policy to the Company’s board of directors, Chief Executive Officer and/or the Chief Financial Officer.

14. Accountability. Each employee that violates this Luxury Expenditure Policy shall be individually responsible for said violation.

15. Publication. This Luxury Expenditure Policy shall be posted on the Company’s website during the Policy Period and the Company shall provide the Luxury Expenditure Policy to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Company’s primary regulatory agency.

16. Amendment. This Luxury Expenditure Policy may be amended by the Company’s board of directors. However, in the event of an amendment, the Company’s board of directors shall provide the amendment to this Luxury Expenditure Policy to the Treasury and the Company’s primary federal regulatory agency as well as post said amendment on the Company’s website.

OCB ~ Partnering
in the Community


Ojai Artist in the Lobby:
Kirk Lowry now through December 13th.


September 30, 2014
3rd Quarter 2014
Shareholders Report

August 1, 2014
Eloy Ortega to Lead
Santa Barbara Community Bank

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OCB Welcomes Annette Hansen

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May 8, 2014
OCB Bancorp Declares 5%
Stock Dividend

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2013 Annual Report

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1st Quarter 2014
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David Sabedra joins Ojai Community Bank

April 30, 2014
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During First Quarter 2014

November 26, 2013
OCB Hires Scott Gibb as
Commercial Credit Analyst

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3rd Quarter 2013
Shareholders Report

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2nd Quarter 2013
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March 31, 2013
1st Quarter 2013
Shareholders Report

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